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Asset Strategy Consultancy

In any asset-intensive Enterprise it is essential that the Enterprise is able to operate efficiently and effectively to minimise the asset base cost impact on margins. In order to develop suitable strategies Enterprises are better able to make this judgement with the help of a proven, advanced assessment engine. ONG is able to bring this capability to your organisation using a mix of asset management skills and advanced software systems with proven pedigree.


There are four main stages in developing asset strategies and policies:

  1. The Enterprise must first understand the impact of increasing or decreasing funding in different areas and for different assets. Models are required for the assets and by combining with business costs, it is possible to work out what the optimal benefits are in terms of Performance, Availability, Safety, Cost, Efficiency, Compliance and Reliability. The Enterprise must also examine detailed requirements around individual assets and move to a true RCM policy with Predictive capabilities where possible.
  2. Look beyond basic asset management and to evaluate how information systems, with Big Data capabilities, can support an advanced Enterprise Service Bus architecture to deliver value-add features. For example, automated linkage between estimated time to asset, repair time and customer impacts are easier to assess when this data is shared across the enterprise, while driving focus on assets that need maintaining.
  3. The Enterprise needs to define how the longer term strategy will be delivered, supported by manageable, affordable and, ideally, self-funding steps along the way. The specification should address all elements of the “Final” REMS although it only implements the initial stages in asset and enterprise data gathering and sharing. Consolidation of systems onto an open, interoperable suite of business applications is an enabler for a show-case advanced approach.
  4. Review and refine processes, budgets, assets and people elements in all areas to continually improve overall performance of the Enterprise and its asset base.


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