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Serialisation and Traceability Solutions

More than 40 countries have established, or are enacting, their legislation regarding serialisation and traceability of pharmaceutical products. The same technology is equally applicable to other markets including Food and Beverage and Electronics. The challenges are to:

  • Meet the implementation deadline
  • Manage a wide variety of data
  • Ensure efficient and secure data exchange
  • Ensure adaptability to emerging regulations
  • Address quality requirements
  • Ensure high level of productivity on your lines
  • Ensure predictability and mitigation of risks (functional, financial)

Our approach is to use a flexible software solution with a top-down, future-proofed approach to ensure that the system will always be manageable throughout the implementation and maintenance of systems complying to the legislation.







In addition to the in-factory or in-company serialisation, we are also able to support higher levels of integration into the global systems legislated by Governments around the world. Our in-house and Partners capabilities cover all of the key elements from portal design and serialisation systems to deep security to maintain the integrity of the data in the network.

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